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Wedding Packages – Colour Palettes

This Season's Featured Colour Collections
Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! You can pick and choose as you like. And when your BFF or Auntie gives you a weird look, tell them not to worry. The florists know how how to weave colour magic through your wedding blooms so it will all look like a happy, coordinated collection of blooms.

Nope. We’ve toiled away and obsessed over colour palettes for years. That means you get the benefit of our expertise and the peace of mind knowing your wedding flowers will have a more timeless look.

Cheers to having your wedding photos featured on your mantel for decades to come rather than having to look back and cringe cause you decided to jump on a specific not-so-timeless trend. 🎉

The best bit about ordering your wedding flowers online with Little Bird Bloom is that you don’t have to know a thing about flowers. Seasonal availability varies from week to week and keeping an open mind about which flowers are featured in each design means you’ll truly get the best of what Mother Nature has to offer when she’s at her best. 

This also means your wedding flowers are extra special and totally personalised to you because it provides a snapshot in time and truly reflects the preciousness of your big day.

We’ll use the colour palette and design guide as inspiration but because Mother Nature is magical, we cannot directly replicate any designs we’ve created in the past.

For example, even if we did wedding flowers on the same weekend year after year, each couple’s designs will be unique because flower availability ebbs and flows through the season.

This makes your wedding flowers truly unique and personalised to you and that’s what makes them so special. ☺️